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Google and ninemsn are the most popular search engines used in Australia. Users will type in words describing the type of products or services they are trying to find to get more information about them.


Google Search Australia



NineMSN Search Australia



Based on these keywords, search engines screen their database of web pages (captured by automated crawlers that constantly and regularly go round the World Wide Web) and display a list of results based on Relevance and Popularity. Pages with relevant contents and high number of regular visits (or hits) will be displayed higher in the list - a high Page Ranking.


Web pages (with relevant content of carefully chosen words about products/services provided by the businesses) hosted in website (with in excess of 10 million page-views or 30 million hits per month) will get high Page Rankings.




Here are some of the real life listings:


Products Services



In each featured page, an interactive map is there to help your customers find where you are.



Your Business Location




Users can now find their local medical clinics or a special procedure provider over the internet:


So whether you are providing a product or a service, your business will be ranked highly when you get your Premium Listing with
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