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Premium Listing


Is your business being found on the Internet?

A Premium Listing can put you in front.


The majority of customers now consider a website to be a basic credential of a genuine business, and will base their purchasing decisions on information researched online.

Search engines, such as Google and MSN, enable access to this online information based purely on the keywords entered by the user. However, any search will most likely return thousands of results for keywords relevant to your business. As everybody knows - if you aren't in the top 30 results, you might as well be invisible. Most businesses currently online are not being found.



The two crucial factors determining search engine ranking results are relevancy and popularity

Higher rankings are achieved when provides the popularity and the businesses provide the relevancy in the form of keywords describing their products, services and activities. is a very popular site.
Currently we are getting in excess of 20 million page-views (60 million hits) per month. Businesses participating in our Premium Listing, regardless of their nature, continue to get high ranking in all the major search engines like Google, Yahoo, Ninemsn, etc.


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With our knowledge of how search engines index web pages, Search Engine Optimisation can achieve better search ranking positions directing more users to your business websites.



Premium Listing offers more than just Search Engine Optimization!

Premium Listing with, not only can your customers find your website quickly online, they can also use the Quick Search engine to locate your listing in the Australian Business Directory and access our interactive maps to help them to locate your business.


At $33 per month (inclusive of GST), you cannot find a more cost effective way to sell to your target markets.


For those who do not currently have an online presence, can help to set up your website for a small once-off fee of $159.
Business on the internet
95%  australia businesses  are online



Contact us for more information on  Premium  Listing



User  Manual Guide - How to register for Premium  Listing

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